Gain the knowledge to handle performance nutrition independently

Changing the attitudes of powerlifters towards health in just 5 weeks!


Next intake September 2024

Gain the self-confidence and understanding to break down, analyse and optimise your nutrition to maximise your performance.


Take yourself from pizza prince to ProRaw powerlifting giant!

Join our community of experienced, high-level coaches and get the knowledge, tools and skills to become an incredible athlete.

Why I created this course:

I’m Mikki Wescombe, the boss bitch behind the scenes at Nexus Performance and the captain of many of our most elite athletes' ships. I help to steer them towards health for longevity in their sporting career. As a result they have accomplished more in our time together through faster recovery, adequate body composition and solid muscle gain. 

Before I first started coaching, I previously managed a large commercial gym where I had trainers telling me they didn't want to share everything with their clients, because then, they are no longer needed?! I knew then and there that my life moto was all about building independence with my clients not dependence on me or any app. By building a foundation of education and knowledge within my clients they have the skills to move on and take control themselves.

That's what this course is all about! But specifically for powerlifters and strength athletes who don’t feel the need for week to week coaching check ins. By developing this powerlifting nutrition course I’m giving you all of the knowledge and skills I’ve gained over the years of working with some of the strongest, men and women in the world!

Know how to set up your own calorie and macro nutrient splits. Pick the right weight class and how to maximise your potential there. 

For coaches this course can give you an insight on how to communicate and assist your clients down the right path with their nutrition on competition preps and advance faster in the off season. 

Don't get confused by boring nutrition textbooks, be a part of a stronger community who are willing to learn and help. Showcase what you can do as an athlete or what you can do as a coach for your athletes.


How does it work?

Over 5 weeks you’ll cover the important theories of:

  • Periodising nutrition with your training goals, aligning when the right time to cut and gain for performance benefits
  • Understand how to put together meal plans and make the right food choices to minimise digestive discomfort
  • Overcome mental hurdles and hiccups throughout competition preps
  • Learn about important health metrics that we need to track, and what we can do to improve them
  • Recovery and injury nutrition, how to manage deload diets 
  • How to do your own water loads or weight cuts, and correct competition day food
  • Plus loads more

All served up in easy to watch videos and group live calls, running you through each point. 

With weekly real-world examples, you’ll quickly absorb each module. Teaching you how to build independence not dependence on a coach or app.

Powerlifting nutrition is a balance of gaining mass whilst maintaining health, strength and limiting excessive fat.

Lower the stress that continual and ongoing dieting and weight cuts have on your system.

Add more plates to the bar whilst feeling the best you have in years.

The Nexus course links it all together, giving you a complete understanding of powerlifting nutrition.

Other courses can be basic and mind-numbing, so you can’t see how the content is useful for our specific sport.

5 Modules jam-packed with value

Over 5 weeks you’ll discover everything you need to become a more elite athlete who gets the results. We’ll go through practical walk throughs and set things up in a format that makes sense and is clear for you to apply immediately.

- Weekly Live Lectures
- Weekly Pre Recorded Videos
- Access to Online Discord for Q+A 

Next intake: September 2024!
Limited spots!
Only $350


Who does this course suit?

If you fit one or more of the statements below, this course is for you.

  • You’re an athlete wanting to pursue a longer lifting career
  • You’re an online coach developing a niche in powerlifting
  • You want to know how to help clients for competition day plans
  • You’re an athlete looking to refine your goals and pick the right weight class

This is not for you if…

  • You want a magical solution (you’ve got to be willing to learn)
  • You put in a half-arsed effort and aren't willing to make changes (go find yourself a half-arsed mentor)
  • You don't have a clue about powerlifting or strength based training

All of this for just $350!

Next intake September 2024
Limited Spots!