Train with an elite Powerlifting Coach no matter where you are

Making people stronger worldwide.

At Nexus, we’re all about the details.

That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive system that’s helped powerlifters from all around the world to hit their targets.

We take the time to get to know you. Learning what you’re struggling with and what motivates you helps us to coach you towards your goals. 

Because our online powerlifting coaching program is so comprehensive, it caters to all individual needs. 

Our programs are designed to have you build muscle, gain strength, improve movement and perform at your best. Each level addresses different areas needing to be improved. So the level that suits you will depend on what you want to focus on.

Using our proven system, we'll support and communicate with you regularly to provide high calibre results.

We don’t just tell you how to do an exercise, we teach you why we use a particular method. Our coaching is all about empowerment. By expanding your knowledge, we put you in control of getting bigger and stronger.

And while you’re learning, you become part of the Nexus Performance community.

People are at the core of everything we do. So we bring powerlifters, bodybuilders, strongwomen and strongmen across the globe together.

All of our clients get a superior training experience thanks to our elite coaching team. Whether your goal is to dominate in a powerlifting competition or regain strength after an injury, we’ll guide you through every step of the way.


Monthly Programming:

  • Customised training program updated monthly within training app
  • Monthly check ins
  • In app messenger chats
  • Monthly 1-1 video call with coach
  • Monthly technique assessments and cues
  • Mobility development & form analysis
  • Health screening where needed
  • Exercise library with detailed videos on all lifts in the program
  • Conditioning and energy system development
  • Recommended health supplements Online
  • Education Hub for learning material
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Weekly Programming:

  • Customised training program updated weekly within training app
  • Weekly check-ins
  • In app messenger chats
  • Video loom feedback where needed
  • Monthly 1-1 video call with coach
  • Weekly technique assessments and cues
  • Mobility development & form analysis
  • Health screening where needed
  • Exercise library with detailed videos on all lifts in the program
  • Conditioning and energy system development
  • Recommended health supplements
  • Education Hub for learning material
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Get Strong with Nexus x Ganbaru App: the most affordable path to your strength goals.

We know you’re here to get strong. And in order to become the strongest possible version of you, you need to follow a plan that has been specially designed to take you from where you are now, to where you want to be.

But we also understand that customised training is a luxury and isn’t always affordable for everyone.

So… we created the next best thing.

Nexus x Ganbaru - specialised strength programs without the premium price tag

What’s included?

  • Specialist Nexus-designed strength programs; delivered through the easy-to-use Ganbaru app
  • Online technique tips and feedback
  • A private forum where our coaches will answer your questions
  • Program progression (so you’re not repeating the same template over & over)
  • Video tutorials for you to learn correct technique for all exercises
  • 4 separate programming phases that each focus on:
    • BUILD : Base-Building and Work Capacity
    • SKILL : The Skill of Lifting Heavy
    • PEAK: Peaking your Strength
    • RESTORE: Movement Variance and General Restoration

Why choose Nexus Performance online coaching??

We created these programs to foster a team environment. We wanted a space where a group of people working towards the same goal would come out bigger, stronger and better than before. 

Being in a team is paramount to your success as a strength athlete.

Every great lifter has a network of people helping them through the process.

Calling them out on their bullshit.
Supporting them to get to the gym.
Giving them the best feedback.

We do all of it and help you understand WHY you need to be doing these protocols to become better.

Once Off Consultation Call

$150.00 AUD

Got a problem but don’t need ongoing coaching?

We’ll solve it in a once-off consult!

No obligations once off consult call to talk over anything you desire with one of our Nexus coaches. Nutrition, training, programming, technique everything in complete confidentiality.

What you receive:

  • 1hr video consult with your preferred Nexus coach

  • Links to resources on any topics discussed

  • Recap of topic points discussed on call

  • Recording of the video call (optional)

Send Enquiry

To get the process started, you simply need to hit the links above and send an enquiry!

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You will receive an email with a link to book in a call with one of our coaches and get to know each other.

Sign Paperwork

If you feel comfortable with our coaches, you will be forwarded a contract, that takes less than 2 minutes to sign.

Get Results

Now the boring steps are done, a coach finalise protocols and the opportunities for your results are now endless!