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Nexus Performance are your coaches, mentors and support crew all in one!

About Us:

Our coaches are here to get you in peak condition for powerlifting meets and help you train efficiently during the off-season. We’re big believers in people - our clients and our coaches. We’re pretty confident you’ll love our team as much as we do!

From crushing it on the platform to tweaking your technique, Nexus Performance are your experts in strength, lifting and nutrition.

P.S. Did we mention we’ve worked with over 200 internationally and nationally-ranked strength athletes? Altogether our team has coached over 1000 clients since 2014!

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Monday to Friday: 9am - 5pm
Saturday and Sunday: Unstaffed
Email: [email protected]
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Meet our coaches 

Our team is dedicated to encouraging, supporting and educating you. The Nexus difference is how much we care, we’re always up for a chat and want to build a strong relationship with you.

Whether it’s helping you break through a plateau, laughing over Will’s corny jokes or hitting those PB’s. When you train with us, you’ve got your support crew sorted.

Will Crozier

The chief of gains. Founder, Educator & Strength Coach.

Mikki Wescombe

The bitch behind the scenes. Founder, Educator & Nutrition Coach.

Jordan Di Stefano

5 foot pocket rocket.
Online Nutrition Coach.

Kirbi Wood

The country gal.
Online Nutriton Coach.

Jack Wyatt

The silent assassin.
Online Strength Coach.

Josh Sternberg

Mr nice guy. Gold Coast & Online Strength Coach.

Alex Jurkenas

The strange cat guy. Gym Manager & Strength Coach.

Kivah Franze

The kid.
Gold Coast Gym Assistant.

Jason Brand

Croc dundee. Townsville + Online Strength Coach.

Artie Farrow

The weird uncle.
Townsville Gym Manager.

Nel Harman

The dog trainer.
Townsville Gym Assistant.

Where it all began:

Since 2014, Nexus Performance has been growing. We launched into the online space to help powerlifters everywhere get maximum results from their training. Fully immersing ourselves in the online space, and growing our coaching team in this capacity was where we wanted to invest our energy.

Our focus was on building a strong and supportive online community. And it still is today.

We’re bringing the same strength and support to our online nutrition coaching.

And our very own Nexus Gym!

Shifting into the education space

After quitting her job in 2016, Mikki became the driving force behind the brand. Along with powering the brand ahead, it provided a golden opportunity for Will to move into the education space.

Travelling internationally to upskill and host many workshops, seminars and presentations over the years. It was a natural progression for the business to then launch our coaching mentorship in 2021!