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Nexus Performance are your coaches, mentors and support crew all in one!

About Us:

Our coaches are here to get you in peak condition for powerlifting meets and help you train efficiently during the off-season. We’re big believers in people - our clients and our coaches. We’re pretty confident you’ll love our team as much as we do!

From crushing it on the platform to tweaking your technique, Nexus Performance are your experts in strength, lifting and nutrition.

P.S. Did we mention we’ve worked with over 200 internationally and nationally-ranked strength athletes? Altogether our team has coached over 1000 clients since 2014!

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Where it all began:

Since 2014, Nexus Performance has been growing. We launched into the online space to help powerlifters everywhere get maximum results from their training. Fully immersing ourselves in the online space, and growing our coaching team in this capacity was where we wanted to invest our energy.

Our focus was on building a strong and supportive online community. And it still is today.

We’re bringing the same strength and support to our online nutrition coaching.

And our very own Nexus Gym in Gold Coast and Townsville, QLD!

Shifting into the education space

After quitting her job in 2016, Mikki became the driving force behind the brand. Along with powering the brand ahead, it provided a golden opportunity for Will to move into the education space.

Travelling internationally to upskill and host many workshops, seminars and presentations over the years. It was a natural progression for the business to then launch our coaching mentorship in 2021!

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Saturday and Sunday: Unstaffed
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Meet our coaches 

Our team is dedicated to encouraging, supporting and educating you. The Nexus difference is how much we care, we’re always up for a chat and want to build a strong relationship with you.

Whether it’s helping you break through a plateau, laughing over Will’s corny jokes or hitting those PB’s. When you train with us, you’ve got your support crew sorted.


Founder & Strength Coach Will

Will is a founder and strength coach within Nexus Performance.

Will has been coaching in the fitness industry for the past 14 years working with people at every level from people who don’t know what a barbell is to world champion Strongmen, Powerlifters, Pro Bodybuilders and Athletes in many sports.

Will himself has competed at the highest levels of Powerlifting within Australia holding various records and winning the biggest competitions we have to offer.

You will also find Will running and developing education for our workshops, mentorships and other courses.

If you want to join the other thousands of people that Will has helped, he offers coaching for lifters (at any level as long as youre willing to work for it!), consulting for specific problem solving, mentoring for coaches - all either online or in our Gold Coast Nexus Performance location.

With over 14 years of coaching experience in the fitness industry, Will has established himself as a seasoned coach, catering to individuals across a spectrum of expertise, from novice enthusiasts to elite athletes including world-champion Strongmen, Top-level Powerlifters, Pro-Bodybuilders, and athletes spanning various sports.

Will's own journey in competitive Powerlifting has seen him excel at the highest levels of the sport in Australia, securing multiple all-time Australian Records in different weight classes and winning the biggest competitions Australia has to offer.

Beyond his achievements in competition, Will is deeply committed to professional development. He spearheads the creation and enhancement of educational resources, including workshops, mentorship programs, and specialized courses for Nexus Performance. Join the ranks of thousands who have benefited from Will's expertise. Whether you're an aspiring lifter, seeking tailored consulting solutions, or a coach aiming to refine your craft, Will offers personalized coaching services, available online or at our esteemed Nexus Performance facility located in Gold Coast.

Unlock your potential under the guidance of a seasoned expert—connect with Will today.

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Strength Coach Jason

Hi! I’ve been in the Strength and Conditioning, Sports, Fitness Industry for 20+ Years.

I was in the Australian Defence Force, Australian Army as a Physical Training Instructor for the majority of my adult life. As a S&C Coach, as well as playing, coaching and competing in a number of sports at a representative and professional level. In 2022 discharging from the Army and joining Team Nexus. 

When I’m not training or coaching, I live for adventures, competing and getting tattoo’s. Getting away as much as I can hitting beaches, islands, reefs, waterfalls etc. Getting away an adventuring somewhere new, but there has to be water! Then in the winter and off-season getting as jacked as I can and inked up ready for next season!

I live to compete, I love that side of Powerlifting and Strongman. The pressure if puts you under, how you rise to the challenge, adapt and over come everything to put up your best performance of the day.

As a Coach, I love to get people strong, help them achieve their goals and hit numbers they never thought they could have. This just doesn’t come down top getting them physically strong, but also mentally resilient and educating them is all part of it, growing as an athlete and as a person, is why I love this job so much!

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Nutrition Coach Jordan

Hello! I’m an ex communications and engagement specialist turned nutrition coach. After spending the first half of my career working on construction sites and bland offices, I found myself trying to find any excuse under the sun to get away from the desk.

Turns out what I was doing was in-authentic - it didn’t align with who I really was and for that, I lacked purpose.

So I did what any normal human would do
: quit my stable job, study something entirely different, move states and seek out a career change. I obviously have an interest in powerlifting and nutrition (duh this is why I am here) but beyond this I have a knack for building relationships, problem solving and thrive when it comes to collaboration and working within teams - which is essentially what I bring to my coaching.

Outside of being a fucking chatterbox, I’m always listening to music, cracking a sneaky dance move or two here and there or cackling at stupid memes.

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Strength Coach Josh

Hi, I’m Josh. I’m the pop punk loving, dog obsessed, banter throwing, Head Strength Coach of Nexus Performance.

My goal as a coach is to show you how incredibly capable you are of achieving things beyond your wildest dreams Unlocking your full potential, and being there every step of the way to help guide you in the right direction.

Being involved in every sport you can imagine, and starting my coaching journey at 13 years old I know I have the tools to help you to become your very best.

Nothing makes me happier than watching my clients achieve their goals, so reach out today and let’s get the ball rolling on how I can help YOU!

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Gym Assistant Kivah

Hey There, my name is Kivah and I absolutely love strength training and powerlifting. I’ve been training for about 4 years now and I have loved every moment along this very short journey so far.

When I’m not in the gym having a laugh, being a menace and being a down right goofball, I’m either drawing or doing something on the creative side. I have a massive passion for graphic design and I’ve been drawing ever since I was a teeny weeny little pup.

It’s an absolute honour and privilege to work alongside some the most amazing people I’ve ever met in my life and I couldn’t be more grateful to be apart of such an incredible crew. We’re more than just a team, we’re family.