Health, Performance and Enjoying Balance is at the forefront of our nutrition coaching services. Building independence and education in your decision-making process around food.

Whilst implementing mindfulness practises to reduce binge eating, improve body image positivity and manage your temptations and cravings, understand the logic and reasoning behind the process and why these are the initial steps taken. By doing so; stress, sleep hygiene and recovery protocols are all enhanced through the supportive components of this extremely comprehensive service. 

Our coaching systems are established so we can assess different metrics across the timeline of our journey; blood tests, heart rate, blood pressure alongside other important biomarkers, are monitored frequently to optimise your health and performance, we explain what these mean so you can be vigilant with this long term. 

Your coach will ensure you have success with your goals and are kept accountable throughout the entire process with weekly genuine communication and honest transparency.

Comprehensive Nutrition Coaching:

  • Video consults whenever needed
  • Weekly detailed check-ins with written and video feedback where necessary
  • Personalised macros or meal plan updated weekly
  • Mindset, self-sabotaging  and other behaviour support
  • Stress and sleep hygiene management plans
  • Private comprehensive data spreadsheet and reporting
  • Comprehensive health screen
  • Private group with Nexus coach for personalised Q&A
  • Customised conditioning protocols
  • Recommended health supps, and general training advice.
  • Online platform for learning material
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Autonomous Nutrition Coaching:

  • Once Monthly 1-1 30min video consult
  • Weekly check ins with written feedback and video feedback where necessary
  • Personalised macros and nutritional guidance
  • Access to Nexus nutrition calculator
  • Private comprehensive data spreadsheet and reporting 
  • Comprehensive health screen 
  • Nutrition Calc + for adjustments if needed
  • Sample meal plans 
  • Large Facebook Community Forum
  • Customised conditioning protocols
  • Recommended health supps, and general training advice
  • Online platform for learning material
Enquire for 1-1 Nutrition

Balanced Health Method: 

  • Weekly video calls for open Q&A
  • Weekly check ins and guidance
  • 8-week online course with weekly learning modules
  • Special guest speakers
  • Weekly group chats and community Facebook forum
  • Private spreadsheet w/ weekly amendments where needed
  • Private coaching comments and feedback
  • Nexus Nutrition Calculator to tailor calories and macros
  • Homework with practical applications
  • Sample meal plans to get you started
  • Recommended health supps
  • Cardio and conditioning training program

Learn more about yourself, and how to control hunger, understand your cravings and reduce the chances of relapsing.

Our Balanced Health Method was created as a low barrier to entry, starting off teaching you the ins and outs of calories and tracking your food, setting up meal plans to accommodate the type of training your doing and optimising performance. Gain the knowledge to silence all the drama and anxiety around food, fat loss and fad diets. Unlike many other group nutrition services you will have regular communication with a Nexus coach throughout your entire experience to keep you accountable and clear any up questions.  

Stop feeling guilty about enjoying food, and ashamed about what you see and take control of your results in a process that removes complexities and makes information easy to learn, apply, enjoy and most importantly sustain for long term positive permanent change.

This coaching course was designed to give you accountability unlike any other group coaching experience available to ensure that weight loss is made, sick of template nutrition options or purely built around education, now we have combined an informative experience with actual hands-on coaching. You will have exclusive access to our online educational platforms, Q&A’s sessions tailored to all involved, continuous support and guidance for the entire 8 weeks.

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No obligations once off consult call to talk over anything you desire with one of our Nexus coaches. Nutrition, training, programming, technique everything in complete confidentiality.

What you receive:

  • 1hr video consult with your preferred Nexus coach
  • Links to resources on any topics discussed
  • Recap of topic points discussed on call
  • Recording of the video call (optional)

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