Dean McKillop

Dean is a qualified Exercise Scientist, carries his level 2 certificate from the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association and is also certified by the International Society of Sports Nutrition as a Sports Nutrition Specialist.

Dean specialises in contest prep for both males and females as well as optimising performance, recovery and weight management for powerlifters, Olympic lifters and CrossFit athletes and alike.

What started as a part-time passion between co-owners of Flex Success, Dean Mckillop and Lizzy Rawdah, quickly expanded into the highly competent team of 5 coaches and hundreds of clients that we currently have today.

Flex Success coaches bodybuilders and physique athletes, pre and postnatal women and also anyone trying to get into the best shape of their life without sacrificing their health and sanity, as well as many other subgroups like Olympic lifters, powerlifters, kickboxers and the like.

Flex Success is an evidence-based team that stays up to date with the latest research and utilises the principles of Flexible Dieting, which allows clients to achieve the results they are after without being restricted from the foods they love.

Within Flex Success, co-founder Dean focuses on athlete specific optimisation through nutrition and training. His knowledge stems from a great educational background, Bachelor of Human Movement Studies (Exercise Science), Level 2 Strength and Conditioning Coach - Australian Strength & Conditioning Association, 6+ years Strength and Conditioning Coaching, 7+ years Sports Nutrition and Supplementation, International Society of Sports Nutrition - Nutrition and Supplement Specialist.