Sandra Upton

I have been working with Coaches from Nexus Performance Australia for about 9mths and during this period of time have made significant improvements in my Nutrition and Athletic performance both in terms of technique and strength and conditioning.

In preparing and competing in State and National competitions, I could not wish to be better supported. You could not find more knowledgeable Coaches who are all committed to continuing their education and learning new things and keeping up to date with current day practices.
The Coaches genuinely care about their athletes long term health and well being. Programming is specific to the individual’s needs and assessments are conducted to identified areas of development specific to the individual. The Coaches take time to get to know their athlete and design programmes that are sustainable and have achievable goals.

Feedback is provided in a timely manner and the Coaches are only too willing to answer questions within a very short period of time. They make the complex to be extremely easy and are able to explain things succinctly. The education they provide their athletes is second to none and as an athlete you understand the why, how, where and when. You also know that each of the Coaches have competed in their chosen field and understand exactly what an athlete goes through in the day to day training.

It does not matter what your individual level of performance is, Nexus Performance, is able to cater for the novice through to the elite athlete. If you are prepared to work consistently hard and follow the guidance provided, I have no doubt you will achieve your realistic goals. The Coaches from Nexus Performance Australia exceed all expectations and are very genuine caring people. Their services are very reasonably priced and you will not be disappointed.