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Off season or hypertrophy training for many strength athletes is never taken as seriously as it should, these programs have been designed to spark your motivation in the gym. Have you work hard and enjoy the process. Understand the principles behind the layout of this system. After working with powerlifters, strongman and bodybuilders we have established that the time between competition preps needs to be better taken care of.

Each of these programs address different chapters needed to be improved, depending on your individual focus. Nexus Team Coaching was created to establish a team environment with a group of people working towards the same goal, to come out bigger, stronger and better than before. Being in a team is paramount for your success as a strength athlete, every great lifter has a network of people helping them through the process. Calling them out on their bullshit, supporting you to get to the gym, giving you the best feedback, and helping you understand WHY you need to be doing these protocols to become better. Strive to be better!

This program is designed to have you build muscle, gain strength, improve movement and perform your best.

You will have exclusive access to our online educational platforms, Q&A’s sessions tailored to all involved, continuous support and programming for the entire 12 weeks. What occurs after the initial phase of this service if entirely up to you, continue driving progress with ongoing 4 week programming blocks until you wish to stop or you can work with a Nexus coach 1-1 to personalise your experience even further.

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Currently a 4 day training week. The next chapter in developing the ability to express true strength. These 4 week mesocycles are structured to help develop the skill of performing the big 3 powerlifting movements. 
Designed to progressively overload and set you up for a competition prep down the track.



Programming features:

Choose from a 3, 4, or 5 day training week. These 4 week mesocycles are designed around powerlifting biases but with variations to the big 3 powerlifting movements.
Increase output and your work capacity by accumulating training volume. Plus training warm ups integrated to support, and control your strength in new joint ranges.



Programming features:

Choose from a 4 or 5 day training week. These 4 week mesocycles are designed to stimulate maximum muscle gains across the block. The training program is tough, stepping away from the majority of barbell movements. With pure hypertophy and no other intents but to add maximal muscle mass and improve imbalances.

What's Included:

  • Choose your own preferred 4 week program each mesocycle

  • Your own spreadsheet to track progress

  • Weekly technique cues from Nexus coach

  • Learning modules released weekly via an online course

  • Monthly team calls with Nexus coach

  • Monthly block review to disclose new desired training style

  • Exercise library with detailed videos on all lifts in the program

  • An online group for support and accountability

  • Subscription-based membership ongoing after the initial 12 weeks


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Focus on driving strength and hypertrophy through proper technique and pain free movement.

Team Nutrition:

Nutrition and weight loss can be difficult to navigate, don't get lost in the weeds. This Team Nutrition experience has been formed to remove negative thought patterns and misconception around nutrition and what health really means. Learn more about yourself, and how to control hunger, understand your cravings and reduce the chances of relapsing.

Our Team Nutrition service was created as a low barrier to entry, starting off teaching you the ins and outs of calories and tracking your food, setting up meal plans to accommodate the type of training your doing and optimising performance. Gain the knowledge to silence all the drama and anxiety around food, fat loss and fad diets. Unlike many other group nutrition services you will have regular communication with a Nexus coach throughout your entire experience to keep you accountable and clear any up questions.  

Stop feeling guilty about enjoying food, and ashamed about what you see and take control of your results in a process that removes complexities and makes information easy to learn, apply, enjoy and most importantly sustain for long term positive permanent change.

This team coaching was designed to give you accountability unlike any other group coaching experience available to ensure that weight loss is made, sick of template nutrition options or purely built around education, now we have combined a informative experience with actual hands on coaching. You will have exclusive access to our online educational platforms, Q&A’s sessions tailored to all involved, continuous support and guidance for the entire 8 weeks.

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Support and Accountability

To personalise your experience Nexus coaches will be available to guide and support you. Providing personal tips on your nutrition plans, weekly questions and monthly videos calls to discuss goals and setting up new plans to achieve them.

Sample Meal Plans

To get started we have created a bundle of tasty, budget friendly, and easy to make meal plans. These have been preset for male and female, calorie and macronutrient splits. PLUS complete recipe ebooks with the full caloric breakdown and how to make tweaks.

Cardio Sessions

Included in this  package you will gain access to multiple cardio or conditioning based sessions. Designed to increase your work capacity, and burn some extra calories across this weight loss journey.

Weekly Education

Don't know how to allocate your macro splits, or sick of feeling lost with nutrition decisions?  Social events, body image concerns or issues with binge eating, we have created a curriculum designed to guide your through it all!


Spots are limited to the first 10 people to take the first step and sign up to this 8 week online course and nutrition coaching.
Starting 25th January 2021
The last intake completely sold out, don't wait!

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What's Included:

  • Your own spreadsheet to track progress

  • Video group calls with Nexus coach

  • Guest speakers and some of their learning material

  • Calorie calculator and with personal macronutrient splits

  • Sample meal plans to get you started

  • Learning modules released weekly via online course

  • Homework with practical applications
  • Tips and guidance on your own personalised meal plans
  • Cardio and conditioning workouts
  • Simple and extremely tasty meal plans
  • Online group for support and accountability
  • Smarter food choices ebook + menstrual cycle ebook
  • Exclusive access to additional seminars and ebooks


How confident do you feel in your ability to lose weight, and what do you feel is holding you back from achieving your results?

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