Our Vision:

At Nexus Performance we take a lot of pride in building a personal connection and understanding with each of our clients. The coach-client bond is something we take very seriously, the more you feel you can relate and connect with your coach the more you are comfortable communicating and being transparent in the information you provide us in your reports and the more motivated you become to not only succeed but be more adherent to the protocols provided. Trust that your coach has your best interests at heart, assessing not only physical attributes but mind frame and other health markers along the way. 

We aim to educate and mentor you over the term so you understand why we are implementing particular methods and ultimately reach your goals. Nexus Performance has a strong community atmosphere among our clients and ensure you are getting the most out of this experience no matter where around the world you are located you can work with our excellent team of coaches. Having built an extremely comphrensive online service to cater to all individualized needs around training and nutrition.


Our comprehensive online coaching services are established to build a personal connection between the client and their coach though services are delivered online we have created a system that allows you to achieve the same results as if we were available in person. Clients from all around the world in different time zones and countries have benefitted from the detailed approach we have created.

Client check-ins are hosted through a 1-1 individual Facebook group (or community for Team Coaching) for training video reviewals where written cues and feedback will be delivered plus free-flowing contact and communication for faster response times.

A private spreadsheet for will host your individual program where additional reports on training, stress, recovery and health notes are monitored and all video calls are hosted though zoom meetings based on which service is selected. Clients are required to book in their own 1-1 video calls with a coach in calendar links.


Health, Performance and Enjoying Balance is at the forefront of our nutrition coaching services, these systems are delivered similarly to our programming services, but we assess and monitor different metrics with things like homework drills to build independence and education in your decision-making process around food.

Blood tests, alongside other important biomarkers, are monitored frequently to optimise your health. Whilst implementing mindfulness practises to reduce binge eating, improve body image positivity and manage your temptations and cravings. By doing so; stress, sleep hygiene and recovery protocols are all enhanced through the supportive components of this extremely comprehensive service.

Your coach will ensure you have success with your goals and are kept accountable throughout the entire process with weekly genuine communication and honest transparency.

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No obligations once off consult call to talk over anything you desire with one of our Nexus coaches. Nutrition, training, programming, technique everything in complete confidentiality.

What you receive:

  • 1hr video consult with your preferred Nexus coach
  • Links to resources on any topics discussed
  • Recap of topic points discussed on call
  • Recording of the video call (optional)

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