Do you want to understand the scientific principles your coach is implementing and why we are using these certain measures to best control your results. Here we have created a portfolio of articles and videos explaining much of this to you. And the beauty is you can process this at your own rate, you can research things further and learn what you wish to without any outside pressure to do so.

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The following link will connect to our growing access to articles explaining in details the connection between nutrition and training. The underlying principles of calories, macronutrients, supplements and many more.

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Sick of reading endless amounts of articles, here we have access to a library full of videos explaining how to track macros, using MyFitnessPal app, understanding nutrition tables and more.

With majority of our clientele being athletes expressing their greater interest in nutrition for performance you will see a link between this and our articles. However, many people do not understand the simple steps behind accurately tracking their data and applying it. Hopefully by creating this portfolio of information you can pick and choose what you find relevant to your own level of education.